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I am not feeling so good. And last night I missed a blog for the first time since the start of the 2011 Post A Day Challenge. The words were dancing before my eyes so I simply gave up stringing a few sentences until today.  I  am a bit tired due to lack of sleep. Last night, we had late visitors, an office mate of Nissa and her fiance who are getting married this week and they waited for Nissa to finish the bead work which she gave as a gift to them. Anyway, I just hope I could catch up on a little rest before doing some updates here.

It was a little disappointing to learn that hubby won’t be able to come home after all to celebrate Father’s Day with us on Sunday and my son’s  birthday on the 21st. We’ve talked about it before and he said  he will try. I believe that trying is as good as saying that you can’t. Does “best effort” means a yes? Does “we’ll see” means a no?  I remember a friend when I was in college, he was so fond of saying, “promises are not made to be broken”, a far cry from what usually happens when one promises something and it becomes, “promises are made to be broken”.  Anyway, what I really like to point out is, don’t readily make promises that you can’t keep. Think once or twice before saying yes and don’t say yes when you mean no. We are winners when we can honor commitments.


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