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I got carried away making rosaries the whole afternoon. Just tried using chain links on the hematite beads. You have to bend each connector and it’s  quite hard on the fingers.  Anyway, I am really, really glad that I am mastering the art of doing this. It is quite engrossing to experiment on bead works too. I am learning a lot from my daughter who has made several designs of bracelets and ID chains.  Doing crafts is also therapeutic just like writing.  Time flies and you are not even aware of it.  If one is serious in making fashion accessories, there are lots of instructional materials which you can download from the internet. It’s quite a challenge though when you make your own designs out of several colored beads that you have. Color combination counts too.

It’s quite fulfilling to see a work of art (no matter how simple) slowly unfolds before your eyes. How creative can one get? I’ve tried several crafts before including candle making(burning my fingers in the process) and cross-stitching (ah, this is one hobby I really like but my eyes could no longer see the small designs even with eyeglasses on). Cross-stitching is a very precise exercise, one wrong slot, one wrong cross  and your design would be distorted.  Three years ago, my daughter and I made these cute cellphone cases and gave them as gifts to our friends. I had great fun choosing threads and buttons.  Most of our materials got flooded though so all we have left were the pretty buttons and crochet hooks in different sizes.

This is one of my earlier works in cross-stitch way back in the nineties. I usually hang it in one corner of our living room every Christmas season until it got flooded too two years ago.  The design got soiled and it’s beyond repair but the wooden frame could still be used.

Crafting is one way of expressing one’s self. Who knows, if I get the hang of doing bead works, we could put up a small home business soon. 🙂


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