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I guess today is just one of those days.  Woke up just a little late from my usual 5am alarm. I could not sleep last night, it rained all night long and I had nightmares just thinking of those places which were flooded. Come to think of it, there is not even a typhoon signal, PAGASA says it’s just a low pressure area but then most places in  Metro Manila are inundated.  If this kind of rain floods some streets what more if there is a typhoon signal? It’s officially rainy season here, although a few days ago, it was still  so hot. At least for two days now, I don’t have to water the plants. Even our Koi seem to love the rain, I don’t have to switch on the pump for long. They look okay happily swimming in our small  pond.

I sometimes hate this  sluggish feeling or maybe I am just bored.  I can’t even finish the book I am reading, goodness, it’s just a paperback. I feel so sleepy all the time. I want to think it’s because of the cold weather.

I checked my account at Facebook and updated our site there but I am not just in the mood to make comments nor posts at our Tambayan page. I enjoy reading all their comments though. Fr Louie has posted this topic about first impressions.  Most of us  are so careful in making first impressions.  Sure, you could form an opinion based on what they share and write about but it is a different thing when you are face to face with a person.  It just takes a quick glance or a smile for someone to make a first impression on you. A smirk might mean that you are not approachable while a shy smile might mean you are friendly.  People also form an opinion of you based on your overall appearance – the way you smile, the way you carry yourself in a conversation, your manner of dressing, your  demeanor or your body language.

In the cyberworld, it is not easy to  do this. You rely on their words, the way they phrase their conversations with you, or the way they express themselves in writing or  through their opinions on certain topics at hand. Do you think it is easier to share when you are just chatting or conversing in cyberspace than when you are face to face with one another? Do you think first impressions last? I do believe that a possible friendship begins with the first word you utter. And I do believe that sometimes, just sometimes, first impressions last.


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