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I seem to be using more of the suggested topic of  WordPress for the day.  The question is, “how long can you sit in silence?”  I’ve always said, time and again that there are moments when you feel so inspired to share but more often than not, there are moments too when you can’t just think of a good topic to write about.  It’s when you aren’t sure if you are writing about an interesting topic that makes it so hard to continue. There are always times that your mind is blank,  but  when it is filled with pregnant thoughts, you are not ready to write about it because you are doing more important things than blogging.

My son commented while we were doing bead works last night that it is probably more rewarding to do things that  may bring in some money. My ever practical son suggested that we sell the rosaries and fashion accessories we are making and instead of blogging, he also suggested that I make research on how to make good fashion accessories.  Well, there is a kind of fulfillment in writing that you could not quantify.  And I like to think that the reason I write is because I have something to say and not because I just want to say something. Or to put it into perspective, I’d like to borrow Jules Renard’s words, “writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted.”

I guess writing is sometimes synonymous with befriending silence.  When you write, you are alone in your thoughts. When you write, you are listening to the silence in your heart.  Are you comfortable with the silence all around you? Are you comfortable listening to your own breathing and at the same time thinking that you are just a speck in the whole universe but still you are a beautiful specimen created by God?

And before I forget, I’d like to answer the question posted by WordPress. I could sit in silence for around thirty minutes or an  hour at most just thinking of how blessed I am to enjoy life as it is.


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