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This is just one of the topics on the daily digest of WordPress – keeping an idea box. I’ve always thought of doing the same but I  always forget to jot my thoughts down when they are playing in my head. They come at such inopportune moments when I am doing something like gardening or watering the plants or when I am reading. I should have followed one of my friend’s suggestions to have a little notebook  and pen within reach all the time. An idea may be just a word or a sentence or a whole paragraph that simply would not go away right at that moment but when you try to reconstruct it after a while, the nice thought is gone. Does that happen to you too?

I have kept several journals  since my college days, more so nowadays that I need to jot down references and daily Scripture readings for my online apostolate.  And going back to keeping an “idea box”, I think it would really help when you couldn’t find a topic that would inspire. I have a friend who says that he writes even on bus tickets and paper napkins when he has something worth writing about, just the idea and then he’ll expand it later in a blog. Would love to try this starting today.


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