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Come to think of it, the days and months are really like the wind, I can’t believe that another month has passed and June is finally here. It makes me think, December is not far behind and when December comes, Christmas is near.  Allow me the luxury of playing a nice Christmas song in my head. Time flies and when it does, you’ll look back at the lovely moments which are now just pleasant memories. My only wish is,  I hope this month would be better than the last, another opportunity to look at life with anticipation and eagerness.

I was looking at my stats at WordPress since they introduced this Post A Day Challenge 2011 – the challenge of sharing with you people.  Although, not everyday is inspired enough to make a blog, I managed somehow, churning out 171 blog posts and amazingly registering more than 17,800 views since the start of the challenge.  The good thing is, it is really getting easier to do it everyday. I am trying to avoid blogging about the latest news since you can very well read it somewhere else. They update these online sites almost every hour.  I am rather more into sharing snippets about my life as a cancer survivor, as  a wife and a mom, as a friend and as a good Catholic.

Life is good. It is an interesting pathway of several journeys. There are times when we get to decide which to turn to and wish we could go back but really, it’s in the bumps and rough roads that we  learn what life is all about.   It is a continuous learning curve that we should embrace no matter how hard it is. The uphill climb may be a little challenging if not difficult altogether but the view from the top is simply amazing and wonderful. Everyday teaches us something nice about the wonder of living, let’s just learn to listen and appreciate the silence.

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