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Some days could be a little uneventful and annoying. Or maybe this is not just my day. There are times when even small things would make you flare up and you get emotional. Or am I just bored? For one thing, my PC gave up on me while I was doing some research. All of a sudden, the cursor won’t move.  I wonder if my keyboard is the culprit, good thing I was able to borrow my son’s laptop. I am so used to using a bigger and wider screen that I feel like a neophyte in using a smaller but more modern laptop. It’s really no big deal but it added to my annoyance.

Hubby came home from Pangasinan and brought six pieces of Chines Pomelo(lukban), a whole cluster of La Tondan Banana and my favorite delicacy called Tupig.Tupig is a native delicacy from Pangasinan. It  is made of  glutinous rice and grated  young coconut wrapped in  banana leaves and cooked over live coals. Aside from being one of the specialties in Pangasinan, making and cooking Tupig is also an  important source of livelihood in the province.

I am just glad that typhoon Chedeng won’t make a landfall after all. It shifted course towards Japan.  Thank God for miracles and I commend our weather bureau PAGASA for a job well done in reporting the movement of the typhoon for the past several days. I was listening to the afternoon report of  Karen Davila and Vic Lima over DZMM, they were interviewing this certain government official from Bicol and he said, the rain has stopped and the sun showed up. He was practically blaming PAGASA for the inaccurate account on typhoon Chedeng.  No matter how accurate the forecast is, there is always room for error and he was saying that PAGASA’s reports were secondary since people could always use the internet to be able to be updated. Who in his right mind would say that? Not all Filipinos have access to the internet. What about those who live in far-flung areas whose access to news is only via radio and TV? It’s  clearly a case of “damn if you do, damn if you don’t.”  Typhoons could always veer away from the trajectory path anytime, right? Don’t be so self-righteous, we should be responsible for what we say.


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