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This was not the first time that it rained this month of May but it surely was the first time this month that I’ve seen this sudden lightning bolt accompanied by claps of thunder. Daughter asked, “Aren’t you afraid?”.  I thought she was asking if I were afraid of ghosts because we were talking of  her dreams the night before.  She was referring to the sudden storm we experienced last night. It was scary, alright, she never did overcome her fear of lightning and thunder.  I remember my maternal grandmother way back in the province when we were kids. She would always tell us not to stay in front of the mirror  during a storm and she would suggest that we cover the entire length of the mirror altogether. She said  mirrors easily attracts lightning. I never found out it  if that was true, sure thing I know, I am afraid to go out when there is a storm.  Sometimes, you never outgrow childhood fears. Then there was this sudden downpour, so I thought, I won’t have to water the plants today.

There is something so nice about waking up in the morning to the sound of bird songs and the fresh touch of raindrops barely hanging on the leaves.  It magnifies the soothing color of green all around.  I’ve always dreamed of taking  pictures of raindrops. I love those crystal clear water captured in photographs. Maybe this is how poets see the beauty of a morning after the rain – the sudden burst of color, the green countryside, the fresh dew of the morning.  If I were a poet, I would paint them all in different colors. That’s how we see life sometimes, we associate how we feel with colors. Color me happy for today. I see everything in a bright rainbow shade.


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