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We were asked in one of our games at AFCC Tambayan, “If you were an animal, what would you be?”  I thought of the yellow-vented bulbul I blogged about here a month ago. What’s so funny is that, they will actually judge who has the best answer among us five contestants. Well, here’s mine:

If I were an animal, I’d be a bird, a yellow-vented bulbul. I have personally encountered how these birds take care of their young when one nested in our garden a month ago. Just like humans, birds are so protective of their young. They could build a wonderful-looking nest just like humans do with their houses. You would think that birds have no important role if we compare them with household pets like cats and dogs, but they are nature’s way of telling us that there is a wonderful world out there that we could explore. It’s the wonder of flying. It’s the freedom of flight and discovery. Birds are wonderful creations that remind us how God loves us.

Dream. Believe. Discover.

It’s actually crazy and hilarious, Miss AFCC indeed, and you sure have guessed I don’t have much to blog about today because I was so engrossed at our site, AFCC Tambayan,  to do anything else.


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