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His name is Carlo. I just met him today but I was so impressed with him, such an inspiring twelve-year old.  We have this segment at one of our sites, an offshoot from our Apostles Filipino Catholic Community page which was specifically created by one of my co-administrators, Fr. Louie Coronel,  to get to know some of our members in a less formal setting. We call it AFCC Tambayan. Tambayan is a Tagalog term which means somewhere you could chill out and relax.  Carlo is one of our members and he was recently placed in our Hot Seat segment.  The members could ask anything under the sun as long as they observe proper behavior and not go out-of-bounds.

He loves to write and draw and he wants to be a priest. He is quite determined to follow in the footsteps of our common friend,  Fr. Louie. Others as young as he is are quite focused on inconsequential things but this little boy just wants to be  a priest. I really hope and pray that one day, he would be one. He volunteered that they could ask questions about life, about things happening around – poverty, corruption in the government, global warming, and RH Bill but what struck  me the most was his candid answer about his faith and love of God. Pagmamahal at Pag-ibig sa Diyos.  We talked about life’s journeys and  how people touch our lives. I really enjoyed talking to him. I seldom encounter kids his age who knows what he is talking about.

Carlo, this is for you. I am glad to be your online friend.


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