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For all wonderful mothers out there, I am greeting you “Happy Mother’s Day” in advance. Two years ago, I blogged about being a mom and last year, I took some pictures of the place we went to, to  celebrate Mother’s Day. How time flies! Where have all the years gone? I promised myself I would pay tribute to all the lovely people we call our mothers. It does not really matter whether they are Nanay, Inang, Ina,  Mum, Mom, Mommy, or Mama, all these words are just loving and affectionate way of calling our wonderful mothers. And as I’ve said in my previous blogs, you can only learn to appreciate what motherhood means when you become a mother yourself.They say that there is probably no relationship as pure as that of a mother and child. That special bond would always be there. A lot has been written about motherhood and being a mom.

What makes someone a mother? Maybe the difference lies in the fact that a true mother bestows on her child that everlasting love. Make her proud this mother’s day. Show her that you appreciate every single effort she is doing for you. Make her feel that she is really someone special.

My daughter asked me last night where I want to have a family lunch on Mother’s Day. It’s always been something celebrated with the whole family. As long as we are together, it does not matter much where we go.  I do prefer Italian cuisine though and would love to taste again  the “oh-so-yummy-mouth- watering” gelato  at Amici or the “to die for” Orange cake at Bellini’s. It’s been a while since we had dinner at Burgoo at Gateway mall. It used to be our favorite place for celebrating birthdays and such other special occasions.

A close friend sent me this wonderful message today. Would love to share it with you.

Once upon a memory
Someone wiped away a tear
Held me close and loved me,
Thank you, Mother dear.


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