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Just learned lately that I have until May 31, 2011 to save all my files at Friendster including several  photo albums and around 64 blogs most of which are not posted here at WordPress. I take it they are closing the site, so I’ll just say, “Goodbye Friendster.”  Maybe  I am just being a bit sentimental here because it is the first social networking site that I joined long before Multiply and a few years before Facebook. I am glad that they made an option to export everything to other sites. I have successfully transferred all the  photo albums at my Multiply Media Locker but I am just choosing some blogs that makes me smile, remembering the times I wrote them more than three years ago. So far, here are two which I found interesting and I am posting them here  so I won’t forget.

GLIMPSES…from the heart.

A friend says that it is the luxury of time that we lack nowadays and I say, if you allow yourself to think like that, then you would never enjoy the little things that contribute to the wonder of living. Give me the pleasure of watching the sun rise and visiting some place like Batanes and I would gladly trade it off with a three-course meal at Burgoo’s and a cup of latte at Starbucks.

Some people whine at every obstacle they find. They probably climbed the mountain too high and never noticed the beauty of the wayside flowers along their way nor the melodious tune of bird songs somewhere near. Life is a rat-raced competition, alright, but then in order to live fully, we must strike a balance between eking out a living and nourishing our souls.

Moments of bliss touch us everyday of our lives. The trick is to open our eyes and feel with our hearts. A few nights ago, as I was feeding our dog Boo, I noticed the myriad twinkling of night stars high up.I tried to locate the Big dipper just like what our science teacher taught us in grade school. Here in the city, seldom do we see such an array of night lights like these. I felt quite small but proud to witness another wonder of God’s creation.

Yesterday on my way home from a party with my high school friends in Kamias, I passed by Robinson’s Galleria Foodcourt. There was on ongoing concert at the activity area, a group of three young men and a lady playing instrumental music. A kind of music that tease the senses and touch the hearts. They were about to start “The Promise”. Remember the song from the movie with the same title and the equally touching book of Danielle Steele? That book is a “must re-read” for me every time the red colored days of February come near. A sort of getting in touch with my romantic side and affirming my previous love for tear-jerker books and movies from way back. That song was followed by several more almost all of which brought tears to my eyes. It was truly an unexpected gift from above. I left the mall feeling uplifted – can you imagine that kind of sensation like you want to smile at everyone you meet? Or hug yourself because you were simply elated?

When winter ends, there is always a promise of spring. (February 10, 2008)


Gee! Mom is temporarily staying with us (maybe for about a week) and my kids are glad she is here again. We only see her every three months now when she goes to her internist for her regular check-up. Since we lost Dad almost a year ago, my brothers and I have become so overprotective of her. It’s kind of different now that every time she arrives, Dad is no longer trailing behind. We were so afraid when Dad died, thinking Mom would not be able to cope with his demise. She kept saying that she could not live without him.

God is so good, although the pain still lingers fresh in all of us, mom is somehow slowly taking stock of her life again – a new life without the man she’s been married to for fifty-four years. Time heals really, although there are moments when she just look at Dad’s picture and then she cries silently.

It’s hard to fathom the sense of loss she is feeling now. I still can recall those times when Dad has finally retired from work and they went back home to the province. An inseparable pair, one would not eat without the other. When they watch TV, they still hold hands – an enviable closeness between two ordinary but loving couple.

I must admit, I am a Daddy’s girl but then the bonding between a daughter and a mother is very much different. I learned the more practical aspects of life from Dad, major decision-making that brought me where I am now. But with mom, the nurturing never stops even at times to the point of being a bit makulit. I do understand how it is with mothers being so protective and loving towards their children. I am a mother too.

I can’t exactly remember when she lost her sense of hearing, her left ear was affected. We brought her to the Center for Audiological Sciences at the UST Hospital for a series of tests. She never learned to use the hearing aide which we bought for her so until now, she only uses her right ear to understand what we are saying. She lately started complaining about muscle pains, headaches, and insomnia and I told her it’s part of getting old. She’s now seventy-nine.

Josef, my bunso (youngest child)  is closer to her than his other cousins. Maybe because the former is so malambing with her, always hugging, playing card games together and oftentimes watching National Geographic and Discovery channels. Her favorite card game is tong-its.

She loves gardening too and has her own small patch planted with several veggies like ampalaya, gabi, kamote and the usual things in a simple home garden.

That’s mom – a worrier, easily excitable, laughable at times, generous and loving – and I love her. 

By the way, her name is Carmelita. (October 12, 2008)


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