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Aren’t I lucky? I am meeting another online friend tomorrow. It will be the third time since Holy Thursday that I’ll have the chance to meet someone in person,an online friend who is a genius at writing and a published author too. I am really looking forward to it. She is based in Cebu but she’s spending a few days in Metro Manila. I am really glad that she could squeeze  time to see me even with a tight schedule.  How nice!

I just had a hair trim this afternoon and my hair stylist (a substitute) quizzed me on how I feel at the moment, meaning, am I done with my chemotherapy?  She hasn’t seen me for a long time. As usual, the proverbial  question or rather, observation is, I don’t look like someone who has undergone drastic sessions of chemo.  So many times in the last two years, I get to encounter people asking if I am truly healed. With God’s grace, I am doing fine and okay. I’ve always believed that God chooses the best way  for one to cope with such life-changing circumstances in one’s life. I’ve always believe that He gave me enough courage to face such challenges.

What will change now that Osama is gone? This is the posted topic for the day here at WordPress. Something you can write about or choose to ignore. I am not interested to write about Bin Laden nor do I want to judge  him for what misdeeds he has done in the past, only God knows the extent of his evil doings. He will surely face his maker and account for everything. I am sure, there would be other Osamas in his stead. Do you think  terrorism will end with his death? For all you know, his next in line is plotting a revenge, to assuage the death of a comrade. Why do some people prefer violence to peace? Why do some people choose to use guns instead of a dialogue?

We need prayers, prayers for peace in the whole world!  Mother Teresa was right in saying, ” If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”  Some of us choose to see someone  as an enemy instead of somebody who could be a friend.


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