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There’s a cold breeze blowing making the leaves dance. Strange, the sun is late in showing its face today and the sky is still a mixture of dull blue and orange. Apart from watching the dusk unfolds for the night, this is my favorite moment of the day – a beginning of realizing another dream, a positive sign of another lovely day. Even our dogs are probably savoring the silence –  the youngest Grey and our old dog Boo are gently falling asleep at my feet using my pair of blue slippers as pillows. Meatloaf  is just waiting for a signal to lick my face and Soo Kee  wants a cuddle. I’m thinking, they can actually sense your mood if you want to play or not.

I am simply amazed at how life unfolds. The birds are chirping non-stop hopping from branch to branch of our avocado tree. Maybe, it’s their way of thanking God that they can still fly and enjoy the breeze.

Can you hear the silence? Can you feel God’s loving embrace ? Can you appreciate the peace and quiet of a morning like this? I do, because everything is grace. And here are a few shots I took while watching the grey sky turn into blue.

 Where are the Koi? They are hiding beneath the rocks at the bottom of the pond.

 This Amazon Lily never fails to give me flowers every year. I am just surprised that some buds are showing despite the heat.

 There was a time when I dreamed of having white flowers in our garden. I can imagine a blanket of white petals at night and the intoxicating scent of sampaguita or gardenia.

These purple blooms are quite fascinating. They look so fresh and wonderful in the early morning.

Ah, one of our Sweet Basil pots – they’re ready for harvest!


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