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I finally received an autographed copy of the magazine Bagong Bayani  Modern Day Hero featuring Rico Hizon on the cover. I am just borrowing his words because he wrote on the cover, “Proud to be Pinoy”.  Four days ago, I received an e-mail from him saying that my free copy has already been mailed. What a nice surprise to find it delivered today, with his autograph, no less.  The first time I blogged about him was last February 2010 when he was included in People of the Year Award  with  then  presidential bet Sen. Benigno Aquino III who is now our President. I greatly admire people who  are achievers at an early age.  Rico is one of them.  I am a fan, you see. I watch him on BBC but not too often since I seldom watch TV and he has made a name for himself as BBC’s lone Pinoy news anchor.

Hubby was smiling when he handed me the  mag saying, “from Rico Hizon”. I read it from cover to cover of course and I am touched that this is about OFWs and Filipino expatriates in Singapore and that they are giving it free as a sort of public service to our kababayans.  The glossy pages and lovely layout is something else. Wow, the interview they did on Rico is even better.  Here you can see a glimpse of the man behind the warm smile you see every morning. And I quote: “Never forget your Pinoy roots. We must continue to listen, watch and support Pinoy arts, culture, talents in our own way. Eat Pinoy,  watch Pinoy movies, listen to our OPM music, meet and networks with our Pinoy friends overseas. A Bagong Bayani is someone who is proud of their Pinoy heritage, tells and shouts to everyone  in the world about their roots.”  Well said Rico. Proud to be Pinoy!


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