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Today is mom’s  birthday. She’s 82 years old, but still looks hale and hearty for her age. Thank God for having a loving mom. All these years she is a constant figure in my life. Unlike Dad whom I could talk about anything under the sun when he was alive, she has her moods and not much of a story-teller but when  she is excited, she would give you every detail of their life in the province. At her age, she still gardens, planting  vegetables at our house in the province. She always say I am  a  better cook than she is because her knowledge of cooking is limited to the more familiar Pangasinan recipes.  I don’t agree, I always say to her because when we were kids, my three brothers and I, she could always whip up something mouth-watering in the kitchen. Moms are like that, they take the sidelines and let their kids shine.

I called her up early today.  Though she is hard of hearing, she said “thanks” for always remembering. She even told me that she won’t prepare anything today since her birthday falls on a Holy Wednesday.  Her favorite food is salad, any kind, be  it veggies, potato, fruit salad, or macaroni. She always has that big smile on her face every time I prepare something for her. So I cooked Pancit Canton for dinner to celebrate her birthday although she’s in the province. I didn’t put any meat but veggies, squid balls, tofu,  Sesame oil  and topped it with green onions from our backyard garden. It turned out good and yummy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  Wish you all the best always.


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