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I would love to concentrate on my posts at our Catholic site at Facebook since it is now Holy Week,  otherwise known as Semana Santa but I  also love to document  every change  on our garden guests(take note of the s at the end). I’ve blogged about  this before, thrice  in fact since we discovered  it two weeks ago in a corner of our garden.

They were born yesterday, on Palm Sunday and one of my very religious friends says that, it’s truly significant.  His exact words were,” God is affirming you Arlene.”  Put that way, I feel we are so blessed. It’s just a bird right?  But what are the chances of having it nesting in your garden?  These yellow-vented bulbul are everywhere. They are one of the most common birds found in flat  lands and open spaces.  It is so exciting  to see these grow into little birds and hopefully find them again visiting our garden when they are able to fly.

Two weeks ago, they were three dainty eggs . Hubby discovered them at our Gardenia shrub.

That’s right, these hatchlings were born yesterday.

 This is how they look at a day old.

Hubby says we have a growing family – three dogs, a puppy, two cats, more than a dozen Koi fish  and now these.  I don’t mind really since these creatures always remind me of the beauty of life. Simple though it may seem,  life is good.

Have a blessed, meaningful and solemn celebration of Holy Week.


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