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It’s officially summer now, the heat is too much. Poor me, I could not stay in the garden for long. I dread getting sunburned. There is something nice about summer though because the garden looks different because of the summer blooms which are always a delight to see.  I have always documented every bloom and flowers in our small garden. For the past three years, I have created hundreds of albums on my flowering plants. Sometimes, when one is lucky, you could see something truly beautiful and  it’s worth every hour spent under the hot sun.

I planted these bulbs September of last year which I bought from a vendor at our local wet market. She said it was a Star Gazer bulb. I was excited to see if I would be able to grow Star Gazer. It’s one of the most difficult flowering plants to grow. As they say, live the challenge.

This is funny, while the four bulbs were growing, the leaves looked quite different from  how a Star Gazer leaves are supposed to look. It’s another Lily but I am not sure how the flowers would look.  I waited for nine long months before I noticed this small shoot in one of the four plastic pots. Wow, so it is finally blooming.  I was so impatient to see what surprise it would bring so I almost took pictures of them every day.  And here are several shots of the growing bulb plants.

I took the above photos at the span of one week and I told myself, what a slow-growing plant. Other flowering plants take only a day or two to give you that beautiful bloom.  One more day, maybe, just maybe, the much awaited flower would show its face.

It’s worth the wait, don’t you think?  Some  people call this Lirio,  one of several species  of lilies but I am not so sure about it.


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