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I feel a little uninspired today so I am utilizing one of the topics posted by WordPress. The question is, “when was the last time you were scared”?

At sometime in our lives, we are caught unprepared for what life deals us.  No matter how we project strength in the face of adversities, there are times when we are weak and get scared of  things looming in our lives. I can’t remember a vivid incident that got me tongue-tied and speechless except the time when I got the result of my colonoscopy two years ago.  The moment of truth is sometimes hard to handle. I can be strong for my family and my friends but I could be weak when it comes to my personal predicament.  How would you feel if the result of a lab test is glaring at you in bold letters that you need to be operated on because you have stage three colon cancer?  Denial (at least in your mind) is the first thing you’ll feel but you keep a brave face and smile a tremulous smile. Next question would be, will I get well? And the next is, can we afford such an expensive treatment? Lots of thoughts play in your mind foremost of which is a prayer that God will give you enough strength, courage and the will to go on.         

I’ve blogged about my journey as a cancer patient and a survivor  so many times here, sharing how I coped with the treatment and all. In fact, it’s the reason this blog still exist because now and then I receive encouragement and thank you’s from some readers who are undergoing the same journey as I do. We are  traveling the same path of getting well with  a hope to live normal lives again.  Never lose hope amidst struggles and pain because that’s the time that you’ll know yourself as a very strong person, capable of  facing everything. Never lose the faith and think that it is just a chapter in your life. The sun shines still but the clouds obscure it sometimes.  These lines  from Dayspring Devotions gave me so much to smile about today!


You are a fighter, a survivor

A woman of faith and strength

You are a tough opponent for any challenge

Even the big “C” is no match for you

Because you belong to an even Bigger C,





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