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Exactly a month from now I’ll be celebrating my second year with WordPress. It began as an alternative blog  but I ended up staying here more than I do at my other sites. I can’t believe that this is my 490th blog. I even challenged myself to post one blog a day by joining the Post A Day 2011 of WordPress.  This only shows that I must have spent so much time in front of our PC to have accumulated this much. 

 Why blog?  Why indeed? I joined WordPress last  May 11, 2009. How time flies!  We have our own reasons why we share something of ourselves in the world-wide web more commonly known as cyberspace. Blogs are simply web logs – a web site. I have kept a journal since I was in my teens and that hasn’t changed until  now. A diary became a blog.  There are many classifications of blogs like photo blog for photographs, sketchblog  for sketches, Vlog  for videos, MP3blog for music and podcasting for audio blog.

Personally, for me, technology is the foremost that  I keep this site.  You never stop learning just because you have reached the big Five-O right? Learning how to crop, edit, customize and upload pictures is one big leap for me from the usual DOS, Word and Excel which we used to do at the office when I was still working.  Another thing, I am proud of myself that I have created a home in the cyberworld. Creating a place on the web means getting down and building up those thoughts, only at times, they are not organized and are not even worth-sharing.  But then, no matter how short your blog is and no matter how simple your lines are, there is always something self-fulfilling once you have published it. Writing is therapeutic too. And sharing your interests with people who have the same inclination as you do builds your self-confidence and you get to find your own circle of friends. And friends to me are more valuable than gold.

Contrary to what other people  think, blogging is not that easy. If you are not much into writing or putting your thoughts on paper, starting a blog is a little awkward and difficult. It’s one long haul to make it as  interesting as much as possible. Stephen King puts it this way;” if you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”


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