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The other night, my daughter came home and asked me if she could take a look at the bird’s nest in our Gardenia plant. So off we went to the corner not knowing that our garden guest was quietly resting with its three beautiful eggs. It  immediately flew and bumped itself at one of the dog houses, it was a little dark outside so our three dogs thought it was a stray cat and run after it.  I could not sleep that night, thinking about it so first thing in the morning, I went there for another visit and hubby said she has come back. Thank you!

I am usually awake by 5am,  a perfect time to listen to the birds singing outside our bedroom window.  I used to watched those Maya birds lining up the clothesline or   hopping from branch to branch of our avocado tree and I thought it’s another Maya  inhabiting our garden. “No it’s not”, hubby said because this one is larger and has longer  tails. I have to make research just to identify it. Anyway, yesterday we thought of making a  bird feeder for our garden guest . Hubby fashioned two ends of a bamboo and nailed it to a tree trunk close to our two Calamansi trees. Next we have to shop for bird food at our local garden store.  This afternoon, I was like a child waiting for a treasured gift  but actually excited to see those birds converge here. The thing is, they always sing, what more can you ask? One of these days, I’ll be lucky enough to capture them with my camera.  I took another shot of how the eggs look like after a few days of discovering them. They look more pinkish than my last shot and a little deformed, compared to the perfect oval shape they were a few days ago.  I wonder how long it would take before these are hatched. I am so excited to see hatchlings  of this yellow-vented bulbul.


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