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Did you know that finding that bird’s nest right inside our garden made me look at  all the corners for more?  Yesterday, I was quietly reading, trying to finish the book On Writing by Stephen King when a tiny bird flew in and landed directly  at the Gardenia bush at the corner of our garden. It was  the owner of those tiny and pink eggs which kept me fascinated so early in the morning.  I watched in awe as it flew from branch to branch of our flowering Avocado tree.  It was probably searching  for food.  I scoured the internet on Philippine birds which hang around in gardens and I found its name.

And this is what Wiki says about Yellow-Vented Bulbul, exact  and the same description of the little bird nesting in our garden. And I found a good shot (copyright-free)  from another Wiki site.

I so wanted to take a photo of it  on my own but I could not get any closer without disturbing it.  Suffice to say, it’s one reason enough to stay in the garden for long.


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