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Picture this.

You are somewhere in a forest and there is a waterfall near where you are sitting. The steady sound of the water lulls you to sleep. Close your eyes and think  you are lucky that you are spending the day being  close to nature. You hear the birds sing and the silence speaks volumes more eloquent in tone. “The whole world is charged with the glory of God and I feel fire and music under my feet.” Thomas Merton couldn’t have said it well.

You wish you were actually there , but then you saw the corner of the garden and still hear the birdsong and the sound of water cascading around the small pond. Back to reality, you say, but there is another surprise waiting.

Ah, sometimes, there are moments that you want to shout to the world that happiness lies in small surprises, gentle touches from a Divine hand just waiting for you to explore.

And these made my morning.

That lone Gardenia bush gives me  that intoxicating fragrance of its blooms around the month of May or June. I love Gardenias. They remind me of the times  when I was growing up in the province and  Mom had lots of Gardenia planted in front of the house. I am glad this one survived typhoon Ondoy.

You hear a bird chirp or was it a song and see a little beak peeking from one of the branches of the Gardenia. And oh, what a surprise to find this bird’s nest right in your own garden. Camera in hand, you try to freeze the scene forever in your memory so you take a few shots.

Isn’t it amazing? I was afraid to get closer for fear of  destroying this beautifully laid nest but I can’t resist . There were three  little eggs in this lovely nest.

God’s wonders never end.   Thank you Lord for this lovely and grace-filled morning. You make me feel so much-loved by witnessing another beauty of Your creations.


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