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I can’t believe it! The first quarter of the year has ended. Three months of blogging, 109 blogs – this is my 110th blog  since January 1st actually and my 479th post since May 2009. And to think I was quite apprehensive to join the Post A Day 2011 challenge here at WordPress. Now I realized that there is really big advantage when you are blogging everyday because  it seems so natural, everything that you want to blog about is still fresh in your mind. Thank you WordPress for this challenge.

Tomorrow  is April 1. Every time April comes, I always remember the song April Fools by Dionne Warwick. The song goes like this:

In an April dream
Once she came to me
When you smiled I looked into your eyes
And I knew I’d be loving you
and then you touched my hand
And I learned April dreams can come true.

It’s definitely summer now, no doubt about it. Summer spells going on road trips,  a dip  on the beach or just idling one’s time reading in a cool nook in the garden.  I feel so lazy when summer comes, there’s nothing productive there actually except perhaps tending the garden and making sure the plants don’t dry up in the hot sun.  I still prefer the morning sun of course, because I am a “morning person”. Haha, what does that exactly mean, you ask? I just like to wake up early in the morning just to see the sunrise. There is something magical there, don’t you think? Dawn break, sunrise, sunsets, twilight , I love them all. It makes me think this world is a beautiful place only when you see what is beyond the daily grind of living. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the simple beauty of things  around us.

Two days ago, I wrote to one of my favorite authors, Richard Paul Evans telling him that finally, I’ve found a copy of his latest book, The Walk. I was overjoyed to get a short e-mail from him. How nice!  And here’s what he said in reply; Thank you, Arlene. for your kind words and for sharing my words! Best, Richard. And here are more quotes from him, from his different books that I’ve read.

I am not a believer in love at first sight. For love, in its truest form, is not the thing
of starry-eyed or star-crossed lovers, it is far more organic, requiring nurturing and time
to fully bloom, and, as such, seen best not in its callow youth but in its wrinkled maturity.
Like all living things, love, too, struggles against hardship, and in the process sheds
its fatuous skin to expose one composed of more than just a storm of emotion–one of loyalty
and divine friendship. Agape. And though it may be temporarily blinded by adversity,
it never gives in or up, holding tight to lofty ideals that transcend this earth and
time–while its counterfeit simply concludes it was mistaken and quickly runs off to
find the next real thing.” (from his book the Letter)

Denial, perhaps, is a necessary human mechanism to cope with the heartaches of life. (from The Christmas Box)

If you have someone to love, you are lucky. If they love you back, you’re blessed. And if you waste the time you have to love them, you’re a fool.
-The Christmas List- p. 296

…for we are all amateurs at life, but if we do not focus too much on our mistakes, a miraculous picture emerges. And we learn that it’s not the beauty of the image that warrants our gratitude–it’s the chance to paint. (from Finding Noel)

And did I say, I can hear the song humming in my head? ♪♫ In an April dream, once she came to me♫ ♪. Happy new month everyone!


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