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The assumption of time is one of humanity’s greatest follies. We tell ourselves that there’s always tomorrow, when we can no more predict tomorrow than we can the weather. Procrastination is the thief of dreams.” – Richard Paul Evans (The Walk)

Touching base with old friends gives you that feeling of warmth and anticipation, it’s something that evokes memories. Yesterday was exactly just  that. Hubby, my daughter and his boyfriend and I went to visit an old friend and spent a few hours catching up. We met Fr. Aly fifteen years ago when we had our house blessed. Back then  he was only about two years into the priesthood. We’ve kept the friendship all these years. My daughter is getting married in six months and she wanted Fr. Aly to preside over the wedding. There is nothing like a good friend whom you’ve known over the years to share this very important event. My daughter was just in high school when we met him.  It’s nice to reminisce and think of the good old days – the joys of laughter and sharing!

We went to National Bookstore afterward to buy stationeries and imagine our delight when we saw the books we’ve been waiting for on display for all eyes to see.  Nissa was waiting for a trade paperback edition of the last book on the Hunger Games trilogy entitled Mockingjay and there it was prominently displayed. Hooray! I am as excited as she is to know  what will happen to Katniss Evergreen after the first two books which we read two months ago.  I can’t believe this! I was idly browsing the new titles when I saw this book with a very nice cover but it was on paperback.  I grabbed it before somebody else  sees it. The Walk has been on the market  for almost a year and every time I visit national Bookstore, I ask the sales clerk if they carry one such title. Finally, finally, my first book of Richard Paul Evans in paperback. I’ve collected most of his novels (hardbound at that)over the years but I lost most of them to typhoon Ondoy. I am slowly building up my library, carefully choosing the books I buy, except of course during my forays at Booksale where I usually find hidden treasures at such a lower price compared to NBS. The sales clerk at National Bookstore was beaming at me when she said, “that was published by Simon and Schuster and we were lucky to have these  on paperbacks” , pointing to the two more volumes left at the display counter. “Yes”, I said. The previous times that I bought the hardbound editions, they put a dent in my pocket.  Isn’t  it so obvious that I am a fan? Richard Paul Evans is an online friend at Facebook  and it keeps me  updated with all his upcoming novels. The second in the Walk series Miles To Go would be released this coming month.  How nice if National Bookstore would carry it as well.


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