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This is my second time to use the topic of the day, the place where I was born.  As I am proud of it, I decided to make a short blog of our town, Mabini.  It’s definitely rustic, but it has a certain charm all its own.  I spent the first eleven years of my life here and I get to visit the place once every two years.

They call this the Balincaguin River, Balincaguin means bats and our town was previously named Balincaguin until they changed it to Mabini.

Our home is located high up the mountains and this view never fail to enthrall and to fascinate me every time I visit the place.

The river is calm, you can take a morning dip in the cold water and it’s clean.

We call this area “lapog” in our native dialect, a place where you can find several varieties of vegetables, all fresh for the picking.

Several rows of eggplants which the hubby’s family owns.  They  sell the produce at the town market.

Our more than a century old church, Sto. Nino Parish.

There is a story why its name was changed to  Mabini.

This is our new municipal building which was constructed about two years ago. I am proud of it because it was designed  by my brother.

Mabini is a third class town but it is definitely one place to visit. If you are a lover of nature, then Cacupangan Cave is for you. And I am proud to say, I was born here.


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