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It rained last night , the first rain in March.  In a few days it  would be officially summer here.  The rain diffused the heat of the previous day somewhat and it surely brought a smile to the plants which have been deprived of rain the past few weeks.  I love the play of light between the green grass and the early morning sun. The rain droplets are like silver beads on the grass, among the leaves of our canna, and on the newly planted ground covers in between our Fukien tea plants.  I am  just as excited as a little kid about to see what surprises are in store at the garden. True enough, it’s a joy to see a profusion of light pink, white and purple Ruellias. Ruellias are like Vietnam Rose plants, plant them today and tomorrow you will see tiny blooms as long as you choose the matured ones and they have little buds at the tip.  Yesterday, hubby showed me the little clustered orange flowers of our other Bougainvillea plant.  I wonder how orange would look on pink.  We are growing them as shades to our small grotto at the corner of the garden.

With flowers though, everything looks natural, no matter what the color, they always blend together. A friend once told me, she paints by the way, that if you want to see a perfect shade of any color, look at the flowers and you will learn how to blend colors. It’s how God made them. John Ruskin has described it more perfectly when he said, “flower seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity“.

A niece from Australia brought home some seeds called Summer Melodies. We planted them in a small pot and they now have tiny, tiny sprouts. I am so excited to see them bloom.

It’s just a perfect day to see summer blooms again.


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