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Life needs hurdles on its path for its advance – R. Tagore

Honest, I really don’t know what to blog about today. I am at my worst, coughing since this morning. Last night, I lost my voice, then when I woke up,  I got a gargantuan headache.  What a nice way to start the week huh? Anyway, I am now well enough to write a line or two so if you find this blog, the shortest you’ve ever read,  bear with me please.

I am relying on Topic No. 58 to complete these lines though. The question is, what is the smallest thing near you? Why, that’s quite easy, it’s the tip of my pen of course. It’s been on the ready for the last hour or two but the pages remain blank. See what I mean, when you are not feeling good, even your thoughts  get muddled.


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