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Gosh! Headache, runny nose, cough, nasal congestion  –  it’s the whole rigmarole of having this cold that’s keeping me so lazy today.  I had a sore throat for almost a month  now then when I woke up this morning,  runny nose and severe cough have set it.  Sunday is always spent with the family and the only thing worthwhile that I did was to attend the 9am mass with them and cook for lunch.  Wee, even lazy Sundays sometimes have great surprises in store.  My daughter and I agreed to go out after the morning mass to buy ingredients for baking, but we were both coughing like crazy so we decided to stay home. It’s one of those times that we get to update each other about  anything under the sun, her work and their plans of getting married within the year.  Then she asked, “Are you excited Ma?” Let’s just say, I am imagining the time I could hold my first grandchild in my arms.  We both laughed. Everything is fine, really!

So we spent the afternoon just watching CJ7 on AXN .  CJ7 is a blend of comedy and drama and moral lessons. It’s actually a movie intended for children, surprisingly though, my daughter and I enjoyed watching it. The funny thing is, I shed a tear or two when the main character died leaving a son to fend for himself alone.  I haven’t watched TV for quite sometime but I do listen to the news on AM radio every morning.  When you want fresh news, I recommend you to try listening to an AM station. Oh, I remember now, my daughter loves to watch this program on Starworld , every Sunday, Junior Master Chef Australia. Don’t you envy those nine and eleven year-old kids showing their prowess  in the kitchen? I do. So if you have some time to spare, this program is really worth watching.


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