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I had a great time yesterday bonding with some high school classmates at the University of Santo Tomas, our Alma Mater. No, I wouldn’t give you the details here because I’d like to write about it at a future blog.

Bechay, one of my classmates, dropped me off at Metro East Mall at around 4pm and since it was still a bit early, I went directly to Booksale.  I love browsing at this branch because they have lots of titles to choose from. Browsing  is a delight in itself  but  when you discover something which you have long wished you have, gee, it is like hugging a secret  and keeping it just to yourself.  🙂 Got no particular book in mind actually but I was simply delighted to see these two books which have been on my wish list since last year.  I was about to buy a copy of Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi at National Bookstore (a copy doesn’t come cheap at P350.00) when a Shelfari friend told me that she bought hers at Booksale in Cebu. She even volunteered to get a copy for me if I won’t be able to find one. Imagine my surprise to see a trade paperback copy of the book at only P115.00 and it even looks newer than the one they have at NBS. Since getting acquainted with Khaled  Hosseini a few years back, I’ve been on the lookout for more Asian/Middle Eastern authors.

Then I saw a  hardbound copy of Frank McCourt’s Teacher Man, wow, make that a double smiley face 🙂  🙂 because I was in 7th heaven and that is no exaggeration. I enjoyed the first two books of McCourt, his own memoirs when he was growing up in a poor place in his native Ireland. Teacher Man is his story as a high school teacher in New York.  I love memoirs and I could not wait to start. Whichever comes first would surely be a great read.

And did I tell you, they are on my wish list? I am just lucky, I guess!


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