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This would be the first time I would utilize the  topic suggested by Plinky.com because I like it. I love going on road trips, whether a short two-hour trip or a long  five to six hours on the road. It even feels more special when you are traveling with the whole family and discovering places which are new in your eyes and a delight to see.  We’ve taken several road trips before but the times that stand out are  those days that we spent in Caleruega, one of my favorite places. If you want peace and quiet amidst the splendor of lovely gardens and a beautiful church, it’s the best place to be. I’ve been blogging about the place and raving about it for I don’t know how many number of times. It was on our first trip there that we discovered the most talked about Breakfast At Antonio’s in Tagaytay City,  it’s gourmet  dining at its best. I remember taking a lot of pictures because I loved the place. It has a garden and a Koi  pond plus lots of antique collections and heirloom pieces proudly displayed at their reception area. Although the food was a little  expensive, it was worth the visit.

This is Breakfast At Antonio’s main dining area. The black and white motif makes the wonderful paintings and the lush garden stand out.

The front facade of the restaurant with its landscaped garden.

They call this Sausages and Scrambles...yummy!

Last December 2009, we embarked on a short trip to Tanay, Rizal, it was three weeks after my last chemotherapy.  I blogged about it here.  Did I say it was a litmus test for me?

An amazing scene, the mountain air was biting.

The unfinished log cabin where we roasted marshmallows and hotdogs and grilled Bangus for lunch.

And staying in the open field with a tent is what I call total bliss.

The best road trips are of course the times we went to our home province for short vacations. There is really no place like home.  I still dream of one special place to visit. The truly inspiring place remains a dream for now. It’s not near enough to be reached by car since you have to spend more than an hour by plane to reach it.



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