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There are times when I am inspired enough to experiment on new recipes depending of course on the available  ingredients in our kitchen.  Comfort food, that’s what we call it.  A few nights ago, I found a 500 gram pack of penne rigate in our cupboard, probably a left-over from the groceries we had last Christmas season. Yes, why not pasta for dinner? It is easier to prepare one than having to think of elaborate meals that need a lot of time cooking. It would have been a no-brainer to just pour tomato or pasta sauce to the dish and a little of everything but I was craving for meatball pasta, you know, one you have to make from scratch. I always buy ground pork by the kilo.  If you are in a hurry you could always prepare your favorite Almondigas, out of left-over meatballs from your recipes.

I digress!

Here’s my simple recipe for meatballs:

1/2 kilo ground pork

3 eggs

2 cups cornstarch

pinch of salt

ground black pepper

bread crumbs (about 3 cups or more depending on the size of the meatballs)

Mix ingredients all together and roll in breadcrumbs before frying.

For the sauce:

15 pcs. ripe tomatoes, blanched and seeded, cut into cubes

1 can whole Mushroom, diced

1 pack 250 gram tomato sauce

ground black pepper

salt to taste

Boil the pasta al dente, drain. you can either mix it with the ingredients or top the pasta with the meatballs and the sauce. I don’t normally mix the sauce and the meatballs while cooking so the meatballs can retain that crunchy taste and won’t get soggy. Top with Grana Padano cheese  (known to many as simply Parmesan), Serve hot.

There you have it, my Penne Rigate Pasta with Meatballs.


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