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Lovell, a close friend texted  me early this morning and said,“I am now in Cale so I have the luxury to text”. Cale is a short endearment for Caleruega.

“Pakibisita mga Koi ha, siguro malalaki na“, I texted back.

Then he said , ‘siguro in the  past, mother Koi ka”.

I laughed.  I miss that place and he knows how I love to visit it again and see the Koi fish at the pond in Kampo Arriba.

There is something so soothing and so peaceful watching the fish swim.  Koi is just a Japanese term for carp. We have about eight Koi in our small garden pond but the latter is  so small compared to the one they have at Caleruega. It  is  so beautiful to see several  Koi fish swimming in tandem in a big pond and what adds to the fascination is the wild garden surrounding it. The last time hubby and I were there  which was about a year ago, I watched them swim at night and the glitter of their bodies peacefully turning back and forth kept me mesmerized.

Imported specimens fetch higher prices in garden stores.  They come in colors of white, yellow, gold, deep orange  and even in calico. I love the orange best of course because they look so beautiful against the dark backdrop of the garden pond.

When you really need to relax, spend sometime  watching an aquarium or a small pond and you would get to appreciate the timeless moments, just being there. Listen to the silence, it’s a joy in itself.


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