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When I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard,” I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?” – Sydney J. Harris

My friend who lives in Netherlands is an inveterate photographer, she documents everything from the simplest things like a lovely bloom to real castles that you only get to imagine in books.  She  always says she is lucky to be in a place where taking  walks on the hills or on a meadow filled with flowers are more attractive than spending one’s time in malls  and fancy places. Filling one’s basket with the day’s produce is more fulfilling than picking items in an air-conditioned  supermarket.  And they do catch fireflies  at night and the chirping of crickets are music to her ears.  What a wonderful life, I tell her. And she answers, do visit us here, you’ll have lots of things to write about .  How I wish!

Each of us has our own life to pursue and you can choose to weave the dreams and improve the quality of your life if you so desire. Everyday we are given chances to embrace something new.  Sara Ban Breathnac suggests that “you start thinking of yourself as an artist and your life as a work- in- progress.“The  thing is , we are afraid to step out of our comfort zones and play the game of life to the hilt.  Sometimes, we are reluctant to face change and turn our back on things which would derail us from the straight path that we dreamed of traversing.  We sometimes forget that it is in the small detours and untrodden paths that we will find peace and wonderful surprises.

While I was watching the unfolding of events yesterday, I got kind of sad. One life has come to naught because, someone was not brave enough to face the consequences of his actions or maybe he was brave enough to take his life in his own hands to protect his family, and the bureaucracy where he was molded or he might have been just a victim of a rotten system that is AFP.  We will never know the real reasons why he  has to resort to this drastic act. We have no right to judge people and everything that comes after is  just  plain guessing . We have no way of knowing when our time is up but we can begin to live each day to the fullest, the best that we know how.

Learn to forgive and pray for those who are slowly losing hope and wavering in their faith for a better world. We all know, God is in control.


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