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For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? – Mark 8: 36

It may have been just an ordinary day for the Reyes family, going to the Loyola Memorial Park to visit the grave of  Ex-AFP Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes’ mother.  Perhaps they didn’t know that their father was going to end his life today. Apparently, it was suicide and he expired at exactly 8:32 am according to the news.  He was brought to the Quirino Memorial Medical Center and was revived for around 45 minutes, DOA, so they say.  I can’t imagine the feelings of his two kids who were with him when he decided to end his life in front of his mother’s grave.

What prompted him to take his own life? There is an ongoing investigation on the Garcia bargain deal, both in the Senate and in the Lower House and his name was connected to it.  Reyes served as AFP Chief of Staff from 2000-2001 and became the Dept of National Defense, Dept. of Interior and Local govt and Dept. of Energy and Natural Resources Secretary under Gloria Arroyo’s nine-year rule.

I always believe that if a person has nothing to hide and he is not guilty of doing injustice while serving the people that he promised to protect,  he should stand proud and tall because the truth in the end will prevail.

It’s sad , so sad that some people like George Robusa and Heidi Mendoza chose to side with the truth by telling what they knew of the AFP anomalies concerning millions of pesos plundered and pocketed by  the big bosses of AFP but Reyes chose to end his life in his own hands and with his death, he was forever silenced on what he knew.  Sen. Santiago aptly described it when she said and I quote:  Reyes died with presumption of innocence on his side. “His death extinguished both his criminal and civil liabilities.””

We condole with the  Reyes’ family, may they find peace amidst all these.

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