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There was a sudden rain shower, short but enough to  wet the  leaves of the plants sweltering in the noonday heat.  You can never be certain of the weather nowadays, it’s not only unpredictable but predictably uninspiring.  One moment it gets dark then the sun shows its brilliant rays on the parched pavement.


Why does Monday almost always brings with it that lethargic feeling within me?  I went back to bed this morning, for the second time in a week while the hubby went off to play tennis at the village court. The news on TV does not help either except  the few minutes I saw Francis Kong being interviewed on Umagang Kay Ganda. They were talking about the advantages and the setbacks of having a credit card. I can easily relate to it since I was a banker for more than twenty- one years. Some people think that having a credit card is some sort of  status symbol, when you have that shining plastic in your wallet, you could go anywhere you want, buy an item at the spur of the moment or eat at some fancy restaurant. When the billing statement comes, that’s when you scratch your head thinking where to get the money to pay  your bills. Credit card approvals are quite easy to get nowadays and the credit card limits,once you start using them are considered short loans from the bank and have fixed rate of interest if you opt to pay them the minimum amount stated on your bill. Once you make a default payment, surcharges are slapped on your next bill. Do you know that you could turn it to your advantage if you are a full payor? Being a full payor means you pay the full amount stated on your bill and you don’t need to wait for the due date to settle it. When you are short of cash and you want to have a month’s leeway in paying your bills, by all means do so and it would be to your advantage. How? You’ve used the bank’s money for a month without paying interest in return. Get what I mean?

Did I say it is a lousy Monday? It’s quite disappointing to see the Senate Resumption of Hearing on Garcia Bargain Deal on alleged AFP corruption. The nerve of these guys lying to their teeth, fooling all Filipinos in the process. At some point during the Senate investigation it became  sort of zarzuela, laughable and irritating at the same time. I wonder if something good would come out of this investigation. No, I won’t elaborate on what happened on the Senate floor, you’ve probably read about them anyway since they are all over the place. Now that we know the truth, what do we do with it?

I was thinking of LUCY TORRES’ article yesterday at Philippine Star. She said that when she feels a little under the weather, she goes to her favorite place, one of which is Bellini’s. I love Bellini’s, it’s an Italian restaurant located in the heart of what used to be Marikina Shoe Expo Cubao. We’ve been there twice with the family and the last time was during my son’s 26th birthday last June 26, 2010. Mr. Roberto Bellini is a very kind and accommodating guy. We did order Lucy’s favorite cake and mine too, the famous and yummy orange cake of Bellini’s. The last time we were there, we  had it for dessert and when Mr. Bellini learned that we were celebrating my son’s birthday, he provided a blue candle and even had a photo with us. That’s what I consider a personalized service. It’s kind of expensive to dine there though so we always reserve it for celebrating special occasions. Here are some of the pictures I took when we dined there last year.

Yummy Orange Cake

The birthday boy and a family shot with Mr. Robert Bellini and our close friend Lovell.


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