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One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:

That word is LOVE….

What a mouthful for a blog title!  You guess it right, Christmas is still hovering on the horizon.   Aren’t we supposed to celebrate  Christmas everyday?  I am not talking about the Christmas trimmings or the  endless food that go with the celebration. I am talking about the love that makes Christmas a special season, a special event in our lives.  And that reminds me, I still have some rolls of  embutido (it’s a ground meatloaf,  Filipino style) reserved for some relatives who were supposed to come over but didn’t make it.  One good reason to devour it with hot coffee and pan de sal.  For those who are wondering how it looks like, here’s a  nice picture of the plate we prepared for Christmas.

I digress!  I have hundreds of pictures to upload, label them into separate albums. Luckily though, I spent the early morning  the other day uploading them in Photobucket, another repository for my high-resolution shots aside from the multi-uploader at Multiply.

And did  I say that my social life picked up from the last two days of November to the whole month of  December? Before you think I am a recluse, it’s just that, lately, I haven’t been in touch with friends except through e-mails, texts and occasional phone calls.  Seeing my friends’ faces all over again made  the end of the year memorable for me. Then I met some old friends at the University of Santo Tomas first week of January, 2011. It was definitely a joyful meeting. There is something so nice about bonding with old friends, never having to weigh your words because they understand. A few days ago, I attended another high school reunion, our fourth one, actually (and we do schedule them every three years). Was I happy to see them all? But of course. They were asking if I already finished my treatment and I happily told them, I’ll be celebrating my second year of surgery by July. Come to think of it, does one really celebrate a moment in one’s life that brought so much pain? I say, it’s a big YES because those days were also the times when God gave me a second chance. Not everyone has the privilege to go through such unnerving and painful experience, strengthening one’s faith and belief that there is a loving God who won’t turn His back no matter what happens. My online apostolate at a Catholic community is indeed a big blessing for me. When you are touched by God’s graces everyday, you want to give them back and meeting all those more than three thousand members of our site, mostly overseas workers who are far from their respective families, I am amazed at how God works in our lives. They have their own stories to tell, stories of hope, love, struggles and pain but in spite of all these setbacks, they remain firm in their faith and beliefs , and all for the love of their families back home.

We had our weekly marketing this morning and yes, I did bring my camera.  My favorite vendors were game enough to let me take a few shots of everything but I stayed glued to the fish and vegetable sections though,  that’s where I find everything so colorful.  I will surely make another blog on our foray into the wet market soon.

After Christmas comes Valentine’s day.  Aren’t we all romantics  at heart, still believing in the power of love?  Happy birthday today to a treasured friend. God’s blessings always 🙂


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