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Just a little too early for waking up I guess, so after my daughter left for work, I went back to bed and had another shuteye . Woke up feeling too lazy though, I am not really good at rising a little late.  I had this sudden urge to pay a visit to my sparse flowering plants. What a great delight to see some in bloom.

Camera on the ready, I took a few quick shots of these blooms.  What a rewarding feeling to be able to practice macro shots again.

Shanghai Beauty



A more close-up view…

Bottle Gourd

Papaya blossom

My Shanghai Beauty which was given as a sapling by my sis-in-law finally rewarded me with beautiful pink flowers. They’re lovely. Our lovely Bougainvillea gives enough shade to our grotto, we trim it now and then and we are richly rewarded with purplish blooms all year round.  Bougainvilleas are sturdy plants and they don’t need much attention, just enough water every other day.  My Canna blooms are at the moment showing off with those love shade of yellow streaked with red dot.  The flower is a nice subject for macro shots.

I’ve finally finished uploading all the pictures I took during the Christmas holidays at Photobucket. Gosh, more than five hundred pictures of  food, gifts, family pics,  reunions, I am so addicted, yes, addicted is the word, when it comes to keeping memories.  I was telling my daughter I am the unofficial photographer now of all our family occasions since she lost her camera last year in Tagaytay.


I finally finished the book,  The Hunger Games, the fastest read I did this year because  I could not wait to begin with Catching Fire, the second book in Suzanne Collins’ trilogy.  No, I would not make a book review till I finish the second book. One thing I can say though, The Hunger Games is a very good  book, something you would want to finish in one seating.  I am curious how Katniss would fare in the next book.  We still don’t have a copy of the third book though because my daughter says she is still waiting for a trade paperback copy.  She’s the one collecting all these books lately, our  small bookshelves are already bursting at the seams. We need to have more shelves for the new stash.


I watched the televised Senate Inquiry on ANC. I could not really believe that some of those who were placed on the hot seat have sudden bouts of amnesia.  When a lot of money is involved, some people forget their resolve to do good.  I am not just used to making  political blogs so I won’t mention names here. One thing I could say though is that, you have nothing to worry when you are on the side of the truth because the truth will set you free but when your lies are up to your neck, your feet are almost buried in the ground.


I am getting sizable views on my blog. Yesterday, I got quite a surprise when my stats registered 335 views all in one day.  There were around 4,024 views since the start of January.  Thank you really from the bottom of my heart!


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