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I thought I could easily get into my
subconscious self and blot out
all image of you.
But the rain outside keeps reminding me
of that other rainy night
we were together.


I drowned my tears through the rain
lest they’ll know I’m crying
I wish I could laugh and in all honesty
smile and sing and dance
and laugh and smile again
and dream of that other rainy night.


When the rain ceases
And I no longer find my tears mingling
with the raindrops
Let me see you smile
Let me hear you laugh…..


My life – they  are days of hopes and wishes
and dreams
That sometimes, I’m afraid
There will be nothing left anymore
Where will I be by then?


I find comfort in the knowledge
that you’re always around
To strengthen’ things out
And perhaps to fill the brim
of my empty cup


Lest I forget
We’ve got a toast to make
here’s for that rainy day, pal
here’s for our love…..

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