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There’s a gentle breeze flirting with the sheer curtains on our window, gentle enough to create a lovely dance of fabric barely touching the edge of the bed but strong enough to make the shell chimes in the garden move in rhythm.
The quiet is deafening, even the dogs are asleep on their makeshift beds. Soo Kee’s favorite is the hammock,  our half-breed rottweiler Meatloaf is gently snoring beneath our dining table. Our lovable dog, Boo (she’s now getting old and she used to be lovable anyway) loves to stay near the garage and what were left of our six puppies Negra (because she’s so black) and Grey (not very original name either) are sleeping side by side in a corner of our dirty kitchen.
I was trying to take a nap but even sleep eludes me so I took some pics to while away the time.
The quiet is palpable here.
I wonder what happened to Meralco, this is definitely an unusual afternoon of brownouts.  The gentle breeze is surely a blessing.  I tried calling Meralco’s hot line but the recorded message says, “power will resume at 2pm.”  Great!  I am alone here with my thoughts and there are about two dozen books waiting to be covered in plastic. Yes, when it comes to books, I’m  a little obsessed because books are silent friends that never complain and give you hours and days of bliss and happiness. I promised myself I would read even at least two books in a month and I’ve finished three so far. Nissa’s reads have now shifted to vampires and werewolves, demigods, Greek icons, Percy Jackson, Fallen, Rick Riordan, L. J. Smith, Christopher Pike, Cassandra Claire and the likes while I am stuck with an eclectic mix of reading materials. I am dying to read another book of Amy Tan, Saving Fish From Drowning. I expect this must be as good as Joy Luck Club.  Robin Cook’s Crisis and Frances Mayes’ Swan are next on the list. I thoroughly enjoyed Under the Tuscan Sun, Mayes’ celebrated memoirs of life in Italy. Swan is her first  novel.

My growing stash of books.

Josef gave me a copy of Power Moms, another Chicken Soup For the Soul series with stories celebrating the power of choice for stay-at-home and work-from-home moms.  I remember now,  while we were opening our gifts after noche buena last Christmas, he said that it was  the only time he found it easy to buy gifts for the three of us because he bought them all at National Bookstore. He knows that books are always welcome and very much appreciated.

Lazy afternoons. Monday blues. It’s been a while.


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Spent the early part of the day looking at your new features . Even the format on posting a new blog has been changed. What is so frustrating is that since last night I’ve been trying to upload pictures directly to a new post but I could not see the feature “select file” then “insert image”.  I tried clicking the “img”  but it asked me to give a URL of the pic I was trying to upload.  What if it is directly from your camera or from one’s computer file?  Even the tag feature is not functioning, what happened to my existing tags?

By the way, I am using the “Misty Look” theme. Do I need to change it to be able to post without problems?   Thanks WordPress, I will appreciate it very much if you could help me with this.  I already wrote to your Support team but there was no reply yet.

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