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I was thinking, if you get to make a blog everyday, an average of 500 to 600 words , you could compile it and make a book in a year.   Wouldn’t that be great?  Wishful thinking! I just committed myself to the WordPress challenge of everyday blogging.    I wonder if I’ll be able to do it, but as long as you set your mind to it, everything is possible , right?  I was able to publish 222 blogs last year (here at this site, based on the statistics given by WordPress) and that does not include my updates on my two other blogs,  Gardens and Empty Spaces and  Cams and Photos. I was reading the featured  article of WordPress on how to be successful in this project, and they even gave some topics one can work  on , but I guess the real challenge lies when you could write about anything under the sun, based on your own experiences and observations . Sometimes, you let your mind wander while doing the laundry or watering the plants and it seems like you are multi–tasking  on different topics in your head.  Does that happen to you?  You could write about your lightbulb moments, you could write about trees and bird songs, or the times when you feel deliriously happy and you want to shout to the world that you are just that – happy!  Anyway, there is a term they call people who can’t spend the day without hugging their laptop everywhere they go.  You are a mouse potato when you can’t let go being in front of your PC for a day.  Nevermind, I am one of them, but I have a valid excuse for doing so, I am administering a site together with a priest friend at Facebook. It’s a Catholic online community for Filipinos all over the world.

I just received  a Christmas card from my youngest brother who is based in the US.  Every year he sends a greeting card with a picture of the whole family, it’s more like a postcard actually.   The best thing about it is that every year you could see how  my niece and nephews  are growing.  My brother is a very thoughtful soul, he never forgets to call us during our birthdays and all the special events in our lives.  Although we  chat from time to time, it’s a riot when we get to talk over the phone hearing each other’s excited voices at each end of the line. Some shared jokes, family events, and always, he would ask me how I’m getting along  in my photography and my garden and my blogs.  He knows that those three are in my list of favorites topics at hand aside of course from what book I have stashed lately.  He is always supportive of what I do even to the point of paying my premium account at Multiply just so I could keep those high-resolution pictures.

Hubby and I spent the early part of the day at the grocery  store and updating some signatures at the bank.  I was  surprised when all of a sudden, some of the staff  went right out the door and they were waiting for somebody.  Haha, I learned from the Asst. Manager that they were waiting to get a glimpse of John Lloyd Cruz or Angel Locsin, two giant figures in the Philippine cinema, who do location shoots near the place for the fantasy TV series Imortal.   Imortal is an offshoot from the series   Lobo. She told me, ‘Ma’am, they have  shootings  here every MWF‘.  I saw this lovely lady and asked them who she  is.  One of the tellers said  she is the best friend of  Angel Locsin in the series.  ‘I’m sorry’, I said.  ‘I seldom watch TV and I don’t watch teleseryes.’ They were all smiling at me and suggested that I watch it from now on.  That made my day, we all laughed and watched the parade of crews with their big cameras at the ready for the shoot.  The things you do to see an actor in your midst.


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