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I was packing for our trip back to Manila when my daughter shouted, “Mama come quick, bring your camera.“   And I thought we’ll have our usual family shots when they pointed at a beautiful creature perched on one of the  blooms in front of the house.

“Oh, Oh, what a beauty!” Thank God for small miracles.  You make everyday a happy one for me!

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And I thought I had enough of taking  pictures of clouds, and sunrise and sunsets, but it’s not to be. I still feel  too excited, too mesmerized by  the beauty of it all that I just can’t help but snap a few shots again.  They always say that when opportunity presents itself, why not grab the chance?

And I know deep in my heart that’s this is what I have been waiting for.  Every time I get the chance to travel up north, I always look forward to seeing sunsets and sunrises, unhampered by the foggy pollution of the city.  A breath of fresh air, you might say.  Next to taking macro shots of my garden blooms, clouds are my favorite subjects.   I ask myself, what is it that makes me enthralled by the beauty of nature?  I’d rather aim my camera at a wayward bloom than taking shot of a group of people. I’d rather freeze those moments of seeing the sun dance and the clouds making pretty pictures that tell of dreams and tales of fantasy.

So while we were on our way back to Manila last December 27, 2010 after an overnight stay in our place in Pangasinan,  I had the perfect opportunity to take a few shots . SCTEX  (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) is a 94 kilometer stretch of expressway connecting Metro Manila to the southern end of Subic and Tarlac City in the north.   It is definitely the best place to take  cloud pictures.   The above photo shows truckloads of sugar cane at the ready for transport.  I was fascinated by the rope hammocks  which were hung at the side of the trucks, the drivers sound asleep.  Just three quick shots in less than a minute!

Then the sun opened its face further along the highway and I was like an excited child with a new toy. I opened the window of the car  a bit, just a little space to have my camera in a right angle and presto, three more quick shots while the car was moving.

I was aiming for the sun’s rays but we were a little too fast to properly focus  on it.  It’s still visible anyway!  Heaven and Earth, beautiful!

You can see the clear view of the electric wires  lining up the road  but unlike the tangled lines you see in the city, this seems to be a natural part of the landscape.

Then the sun  was  partly obscured by a cloud formation that was simply so beautiful.   It was heaven to see a big ball of white rapidly traveling behind the dark  cloud formations.

My daughter suggested that I use the video but I said, no, I don’t want to have a depleted battery. I might see other things worth clicking further along the way.

I am nuts, but these shots made my day.  Then I remember  this quote from Martin Luther, “God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.”

The beauty of seeing the wonders of creation!  Some of us take things for granted but when you are given a second chance at life,  you are just grateful and thankful for everyday blessings.

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