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I actually got two because I love lighting scented candles during this season.  There is something so nice about watching the flicker of candles and thinking about the years past, a few minutes short of year 2011.

Here’s how it is done:

At exactly 11:30 pm on December 31, light all the candles. Each candle symbolizes various aspects of life like peace, wealth, health, love etc.  Put them off by 12 midnight.  Arrange from shortest to tallest.   The shortest candle will represent the greatest blessing that the new year will bring to you followed by the rest in succession.

I had fun doing this, much like having different kinds of fruits on the table for prosperity or wearing what have you’s for New Year for good luck. But it’s only God who shapes our life and how we respond to it is what matters.  And here’s the results of both sets of candles,  from the shortest to the longest one.

Shortest – PINK for love and health – Wow, needs more love, and good health is what I’ve been praying for.

BLUE  for peace.  I guess every one of us needs peace in our lives.

ORANGE for brightness – We all need light and enlightened mind in making major decisions, right?

GREEN for money – Who doesn’t need money, but it just seemed to be fourth on the list.

VIOLET for material wealth –  Ah!  It’s second to the last  on the set

YELLOW for good spirits –

I was quite surprised that the two sets of candles practically yielded the same results except that the first one had yellow as next to the longest followed by the color violet.  Love and peace, health and happiness, aren’t these things what we always wish for?


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