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It was a long lazy day or maybe I was only feeling lethargic because I’ve been thinking of Dad since  I woke up this morning.  It is his third death anniversary today and I would be a hypocrite if I say that I don’t miss him after three long years.  Some memories  have become frayed at the edges and some  have simply faded but what comes most vivid in my mind was the last day I’ve seen him alive.  It was the same day that I got lost on my way back to our house from my brother’s place where he and Mom  were staying then.  It was a good ten to fifteen minutes walk to our place but I turned on a wrong street and only noticed  it when I reached the dead-end.   Back then I dreaded the ringing of the telephone because I always imagined the worse.   I could remember his smile every time I give him a kiss before I say goodbye.  He would always acknowledge it with a little nod or  with his fingers tight on mine.  And that one fateful night three years ago,  my two kids and I were just starting with dinner when the phone rang and I knew deep inside that Dad is gone.  Hours before that, he told me that he saw  my grandparents and his brothers who’ve gone ahead.  Then I remember a cousin telling me earlier  that when someone in the family is dying, he usually remembers all the things he did during the earlier years.  Coincidence, maybe but I was  thinking, would he leave us soon?

I offered a mass for him today and remembered him in prayers.  Had he been alive, he would have turned 89 by January 16 of next year.   Remembering you in prayers Dad.

Almighty Father, source of forgiveness and salvation, grant that our relatives and friends who have passed from this life may, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all the saints, come to share your Eternal happiness through Christ our Lord. Amen


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