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A week ago, I was waiting in anticipation to see an online friend.  For more than a year now, Bong and I have been exchanging comments through our blogs at Multiply.  Name it – any topic under the sun that only friends could touch on and blog about. Though we have only seen pictures of each other and our

families, still the friendship blossomed into something beautiful.  Last Monday, we finally agreed to meet, an eyeball, as some people would say.  She and her hubby are vacationing from Rome.   I was just so excited to meet her finally.  Some would probably feel a little awkward meeting online friends,  for us though, it felt as natural as meeting a long-lost  and treasured friend.   We agreed to have lunch at Greenbelt 5, a stone’s throw  from where they were staying.

I enjoyed every minute of  being  with her and Sonny, her hubby –  exchanging ideas,  touching even on such subjects  like weddings, college days, families,  our kids and  food of course.  An hour of lunch turned into almost three hours of lively conversations.

And she gave me these  – a lovely book of Nora Ehpron entitled  I Feel Bad About My Neck (And Other Thoughts on Being A Woman),  Ken Follett’s Lie Down With Lions, a bottle of Garam Masala which I intend to use this coming Christmas. It is a basic blend of ground spices mostly used in Indian cuisine.  Come to think of it, this will be the first time I will cook  something with Garam Masala.   She also put in the bag a pack of green tea,   Grana  Padano Italian cheese, crunchy Turron  and a pack  of cumin powder.  I could not thank you enough for all these Bong.  Lovely gifts from a lovely friend.

And did I just say that, when friends meet, there is that lovely feeling of warmth in the heart, here is someone who has touched your life in one way or another, here is someone who will remain a friend forever.

Thank  you for the friendship , it’s nice meeting you at last!


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