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I love surprises!  And I love receiving one.   Nissa’s text read, “may surprise ako sa inyo”. And I texted back, “hint???”. Then she answered, “basta, mamaya. Secret”.

So like an excited child, I waited for her to come home.  Really, I was elated  seeing  a bag  full of books which she bought at National Bookstore at Market, Market in  Global City.  A few days ago,  we were both talking of  visiting the place because they had a sale and  I would like to find books that would tide me over until next year.

I only splurge on books every time there is a sale at NBS, a 20@ discount is big enough.  This time though,  a regular- priced book of P339.00 costs only P100.00.  Wow, if you won’t be enticed by that, I don’t know what will.   And here’s the list of the books she took home last night.

  1. Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan.   Since I read her other book,  The Joy Luck Club years ago, I was forever on the lookout for another one of hers.  I was able to buy a copy of  The Bonesetter’s Daughter  last year but it was destroyed by typhoon Ondoy before I even read the first chapter.
  2. Blaze by Stephen King  (Richard Bachman) – another thriller, perfect for those cold nights when you have nothing to do. I am not much of King’s fan but I love the way he writes and we have collected several of his books over the years.
  3. The  Almost Moon by Alice Sebold, author of the intriguing novel the Lovely Bones. Unfolding in the course of a single day, the summary reads,  “this searing, fast-paced novel explores the complex ties within families, the wages of devotion and the line between love and hate”. It sounds interesting enough.
  4. Stalemate by Iris Johansen – I have never read any book of Johansen .  This is another suspense that begins with a phone call and leads the character on  the harrowing trail of a killer that even the most cold-blooded killers fear to face.  Formerly priced at P319.00 but was on sale at P50.00. Not bad!
  5. Foul Play by Janet Evanovich. I really haven’t heard of her but I hope this book is good.
  6. Crisis by Robin Cook – Cook is a doctor and I’ve been collecting almost all of his books the past years.   I was influenced by Lea Salonga when I read somewhere that Robin Cook is one of her favorite authors. I was intrigued and I am glad she introduced me to him.  He deals on medical thrillers and I learned a lot of medical jargon in his other books.  Another interesting read.
  7. The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan – pricey at P395.00  and it was not on sale.  I enjoyed reading The Red Pyramid so this one must also be interesting.
  8. Holly – by Jude Devereaux – a short novel,  a Christmas story actually  and  I am looking forward to reading it before December ends.
  9. Cross Country by James Patterson – another Alex Cross thriller.  Nissa and I have been following Alex Cross in several of Patterson’s books.  a real bargain at P100.00
  10. Border Music by  Robert James Waller – most of you probably don’t read Waller but I like almost all of his books.  Bought this hard-bound copy for a song.

I  have lots of unopened books, still in their original plastic cover but how can one resist?  I can’t and I am glad my daughter is a bookworm too.   She bought  another  book of  Suzanne Collins.  Thank you Nissa!


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