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In a few days, she will not just be a face that I often see every time she updates her blog.  In a few days she will not just be a voice behind the occasional chats that we exchange from time to time. In a few days, she will not just be a set of pictures that I admire.  In a few days, we will see each other for the first time in almost two years of being friends online.

I got a big surprise when she e-mailed me and suggested that we see each other when she  comes  home for a brief vacation next week.  We’ll be having lunch together on the 29th. Great!  I am just as excited as she is.  Some people think that you just can’t form a genuine friendship online.  True, it’s kind of different when you are just in front of your computer,  looking at several posted pictures and reading interesting blogs but  you can  and sometimes  the friendship is even deeper than what you think.  True, you can pour your heart out in the open when you are just talking to a face  on the computer screen but then the depth of the conversation  and sharing  becomes your springboard to take that leap  – to bring you to that wonderful world called friendship.

I persuaded hubby to go with me to Kultura to buy a gift for her, something she could bring back home to Italy.  And I am definitely looking forward to an afternoon of fun and laughter.  Hubby said, “don’t forget to bring your camera.” But of course, when have I forgotten to document something as grand as this meeting?

And I remember this quote, “When friends meet, hearts warm.”


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