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November 21, 2010- Sunday Evening (My 350th blog at Dreams and Escapes)

Today was another unforgettable day.  Started  the day  watching Fr. Fernando Suarez’ healing mass on TV at 6am and ended it with hearing mass at Our Lady of Light Parish  at 4pm.  Nissa, Obet and I planned to hear mass at the Antipolo Cathedral but we were not able catch the last schedule for the morning service.  We had  Obet’s new car blessed  at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage,  at the Antipolo Cathedral before noon.  We had to wait for an available priest since there were so many new cars being blessed, had to walk from the Cathedral to the private parking lot where , for a brief stay of around thirty minutes, we were charged a parking fee of P40.00.  Parking space is a bit tight during  Sundays.

The  quadrangle fronting the Cathedral was teeming with  people from all walks of life and I was surprised to see that vendors were all over  the place. The last time we visited the Shrine, I was able to take pictures,  I made an album of it which I called The Many Faces of Life in the City.  We’ll come back here, probably next year.

Swinging by Metro East Mall later to have our lunch and to buy some Christmas decor, I was elated and  surprised to meet two friends at the mall.  Czar Tigno is a book buddy at Flips Flipping  Pages, a book club for,  who else,  but book nerds.  He invited me to join them  by January next year for another book discussion.  Wow, I must make an effort to attend because the last time I’ve been with them is almost two years ago.  And I miss everyone, I miss  the passionate discussion about  books we have read, about books that have somehow touched our lives.

Call it ESP or something but Nissa and  I casually mentioned a friend of hers while we were on our way to Metro East Mall and I thought of him when I saw Fitness First, the place where he used to work.   What a lovely surprise when we  saw him while we were on our way to eat lunch.  It was  a joyful meeting and we even had a photo-op.  The last time I saw him was more than a year ago.  It’s always nice to see old friends and chance meetings bring that irrepressible comfort,  and they are small surprises that tickle the heart.  It really was a pleasant surprise Paul meeting you again after quite sometime.

On our way home, we planned of finally putting the Christmas decorations this coming Saturday. I am just as excited as Nissa because I just bought a brand new Christmas tree, a seven-foot tall  slim mixed tree.  We bought some decorations earlier in the week because Nissa wants to have a combination of red and silver trimmings.  Compared to last year, prices of decor have definitely gone up again.   Hubby and I have a joint project of making a wreath.  Hopefully, we will be able to finish it before the coming weekend.   Christmas celebration is just a simple get-together for us.   The important thing is, it should always be centered  on Christ’s birth because we all know that He is the reason for all this frenzy.  Gift-giving and preparing our favorite food is a part of the celebration.  We have established a tradition in the family that we won’t open Christmas gifts until we have attended the Christmas Eve mass and prepared something for Noche Buena. We are all like small kids during the gift-opening.  What brings this kind of excitement that one feels anticipating what is on that heavy red box or that light and fragile gift box delicately laced with blue ribbons?   You can normally hear shouts of laughter when you get the gift that you long for.  It’s family bonding to the max.

Collecting memories – with the digital  camera always on the ready, that’s what friends are for and what Christmas is all about!

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