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The memory lingers

and just like a song

the sweet refrain goes on and on

leaving its mark upon my soul.

(Emptiness reigns within me again).


011278 Thursday 4:45pm comm.lib.


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We smile with our eyes

Only to be enraptured in dreams

And many outnumbered sigh.

(Listen, the music has died  with but two shadows painted on the wall)

Who else but we, want to reach the stars?


The fading light gives way for the dark,

Night creeps menacingly by.

I see your lips

I see your eyes

(Your gentle voice evokes an aura, a sense of joy)


Soon –

Comes the day that we’ll part ways

And all that will be left is the blueprint of your face.

How soon the day ends

Followed by the lonesome night!


051075 3pm-Asian




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You’ve done it again.  You have made Filipinos proud, and yet you remain humble, keeping that steadfast faith in God!

Rico Hizon, a  Filipino newscaster at BBC News has this to say:

Faith in God.  Love for Family.  Love for Country.  Commitment to his craft as a boxer. a man with a lot of heart.  – the formula for success of the one and only  ‘pambansang kamao” Manny Pacquiao  who won a record 8th World Championships in 8 weight divisions.

We are proud of you Manny!

(Photo Courtesy of ESPN)

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