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Time flies…too soon!

Sometimes, I catch myself staring at nothing and my mind is pregnant with thoughts that easily slip away, like brilliant fireflies whose light  illuminates  for a while then get lost in the dark of night.  One of the hardest things to do is stare at a blank page  and begin to write the first word or the first sentence that comes to mind.  And it’s hard enough that you can’t even string your thoughts to come out with something worth-writing and worth-reading.  And you’d like to believe that you are doing it because you love how your pen always flows freely on the pristine pages.  You’d like to believe that you’re doing it to satisfy your ego – that everything is alright in your world again.  Crazy, you  might say, but that’s how it is sometimes.

Time flies…and it catches you unaware !

I feel I just need to write my thoughts down on paper. Never mind that I am using an almost a year old BPI planner and the header reads September 2010.  Many times, I find it easier to just make use of the keyboard instead of my pen.  There’s a certain kind of magic though watching your pen glide smoothly on the soft pages. Magic – there is always magic in writing.

Time flies…and you wish it would stand still for a moment!

Life is one big canvas, a blank canvas where you could draw a picture on how you want to live it.  The more colorful, the better.  You are responsible on how you can make it look interesting or beautiful.  Color it blue when you feel so much alone, color it white to make for a happy disposition, color it red when you are angry at the world or a soothing shade of green when you want to commune with nature.  Mine is  a shade of orange . It always reminds me of a new dawn, breaking, of a new sunrise or an even lovelier sunset.  There is a certain promise of hope in every morning that the sun shows its face.  And there is always something to look forward to when it settles down to rest on the horizon – another new day, more dreams to weave and promises to keep.  I remember another blog I made several months ago  and called it Color Me Orange.  Tobbie, one of my friends actually wore an orange shirt for a day to honor me.  I was so touched, I cried.  I easily get those big lumps in my throat even just listening to lovely songs on the radio or touching base with friends that I haven’t seen for a while.  And everyday is spent in grateful appreciation of being given a second chance at life.

Time flies…and when it does, it will never come back!

Today, we celebrate All  Saints’ Day. Hubby,  the kids  and I attended the 7am mass at Our Lady of Light Parish here in our place.  In the Roman Catholic Church,  All Saints Day is officially the Solemnity of All Saints and is also called All hallows or Hallowmas. Hallow meaning “saints” and  “mas” meaning “mass”.  The evening before that is called Halloween which  means vigil or Eve of Hallows.  All Saints’ Day is a Holy Day of Obligation.  We have this family tradition to offer prayers  at home on or before All Souls Day by reciting the rosary solely for the intention of  offering it to all souls in Purgatory.  We normally cook  pancit and buy bibingka to share with the family.   Then on the night of November 2, we light candles and keep them burning all night long.

Time flies… October is gone.   Welcome November!



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